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~fanvideo and fancovers~

Hi there

It's been a while since I was active in the fandom and no wonder if noone remembers my name x]
but I've been recently creating some stuff and I'd like to share.
The latest is Maou fanvideo, gen based, love-suffering story, easy to understand if you know the plot.
Youroshiku ( /_ _)/

You can share the video by copy-paste the link of it, please do.
I guess it's difficult to find it using standart searching on YouTube, since I tried to make it so :> (copyrighters do not like me :C)

Well, anyways, I'd also be grad to see any of you checking out my channel where you can find couple of arashi-related things, like
*covers: Take me far away (Ohno solo), To be free (live performance), WISH, Stand by me (Nino cover), 5x10, A.Ra.shi+Namida no Nagereboshi+Subarashiki Sekai (live performance),
fanvideo apart from Maou (the only one which is still left unnoticed by copyrighters): Blue Isolation (Ao no Honoou fanvideo)
Some videos are pretty old, but I wanted to share it since I guess I've never done it ;) *or I simply don't remember? lol*

and just for fun!
My sister pronouncing Arashi's names when she was just 2 y.o kiddo (^^) this video makes my heart melt, so I just thought to share it with you. Though she's way older now and does not remember at all this, it is still so sweet to me (>3<)

anyway! hope some of the stuff will make you happy a bit or entertain you at least!
youroshiku ne~~
Tags: !needs artist tag, fanmixes, fanremixes, fanvid: general, misc fanworks

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