April 27th, 2015

  • kanu_x

Arashi fmv - Saigo no Yakusoku twist

ARASHI HEROES (Saigo no Yakusoku twist)

Drama SP: Saigo no Yakusoku
Song: BREATHLESS (instrumental) by Arashi

Created for a fun contest between my family and me. This was my entree for Xmas 2014. Not to be taken seriously.

The rules of the contest:
- all contestants must use the same 30min clip of a drama/movie (in this case, Saigo no Yakosoku)
- create a trailer/mv/short-film/etc featuring an original story
- cannot copy the plot/story of the original drama/movie
- can manipulate scenes from the clip by editing, adding text, music and voice dub
- cannot add any other images, clips of other moving pictures, and etc to the work other than what is available (the 30min clip)